How to wire money with Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the Big 4 of American banks, serving millions of customers with retail and commercial banking locations throughout the US. If you’re a Bank of America account holder, you may be looking for easy ways to send wire payments to others at home and abroad.

This guide covers all you need to know. We’ll cover how to wire money with Bank of America, as well as alternative specialist online options for cross-border payments, including Wise and OFX which can offer better exchange rates, lower fees, and faster delivery times compared to Bank of America.

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Bank of America Wire Transfers

As a Bank of America customer you’ll be able to make a wire transfer online or in the Bank of America mobile banking service, or by attending a branch in person. You may need to make an appointment in advance before you head to your local branch – so do check out the details before you visit.

To make sure your payment can be processed smoothly, you’ll be asked to provide:

  • Account holder’s name
  • Account holder’s bank name and bank account number
  • Wire routing number (ABA)

If your wire payment is going overseas you’ll probably also need:

  • Bank’s SWIFT/BIC code
  • Reason for payment (this applies for select countries only)
  • Intermediary bank information – optional

Ultimately, the exact details you need will depend on the specific payment you want to make. If you’re sending a high value payment, for example, you may also need to provide information about the source of the funds, for compliance and verification reasons. If you’re sending payments through a Bank of America business account, you may also be asked to provide further information about the transaction. You’ll be guided through the transfer process online or in a Bank of America branch, to make sure you have everything you need.

How to wire money with Bank of America?

Once you’ve gathered all the information you need to wire a payment, these are the steps to take, depending on whether you’re making your transfer digitally or in person.


Let’s first look at how to send a Bank of America wire online and in the mobile app – this is usually the most convenient option, whether you’re sending a payment locally or overseas.

  1. Log into online or mobile banking and select the Transfer option

Log into your Bank of America account in your preferred way. Tap or hover over the Transfer/Zelle menu, and then select Transfer and To/from other banks (includes wires).

  1. Add the recipient

If this is the first time you have sent a payment to this recipient you’ll need to add them to your account. The option to do this is available on screen, simply tap and follow the prompts to add the recipient’s personal and banking information, including the details set out above. You’ll be asked to complete a verification step at this stage for security reasons.

  1. Confirm the payment details

Now you can make your transfer. Select the Make transfer tab, and enter the amount, currency, recipient and date of the payment. You may need to complete an additional verification step at this stage. You’ll be prompted to check everything over and confirm the transfer – and your money will be on its way.

At a Bank of America branch

If you prefer a face to face service you can also send a Bank of America wire at a branch. It may be more convenient to make an appointment at your local branch before you go there – this will also give you the opportunity to double check all the details you need so you know you have everything prepared before you leave home. Once you’re at the branch, a member of the service team will walk you through the payment procedure.

How to avoid international wire transfer fees

Sending an international wire with your regular bank can be expensive. There’s often a high transfer fee, plus potential intermediary costs – and you may not get the very best exchange rate on offer either.

You’re not out of luck through – here are some smart ways to cut or avoid international wire fees:

  • Use a multi-currency account, from a specialist provider such as Wise or Revolut
  • Choose a specialist international transfer service like Wise or OFX
  • Compare your options with our comparison engine to see a range of providers, including their fees, rates and delivery times

How to Avoid International Transfer Fees

Bank of America Wire Transfer Fees and Exchange Rates

The exact costs of a Bank of America wire will depend on where you’re sending money to, the currency, and the specific account type you have. Here’s a rundown of the standard charges – you can get more information from your own account’s terms and conditions.

Bank of America Domestic Wire Transfer Fees

Domestic wire fee (outgoing)Domestic wire fee (incoming)
30 USDIncoming domestic wire fees vary by account type

Bank of America International Wire Transfer Fees and Exchange Rates

International wire fee (outgoing)International wire fee (incoming)
45 USD if sent in USD

No transfer fee if sent in a foreign currency – exchange rate markups will apply

Incoming international wire fees vary by account type

Bank of America Exchange Rates

Even if you don’t need to pay a specific transfer fee for your international wire with Bank of America, there will be a charge added into the exchange rate that’s used to convert your funds to the currency you need. This is known as a markup or margin, and is a percentage charge rolled up in the exchange rate offered for your transfer.

The Bank of America exchange rate can include a markup, as well as profits, fees, costs and charges – that is likely to mean the rate you get is inferior to the rate you’ll find on Google if you search for your currency. There’s more on how to avoid these extra costs coming up later.

Additional fees

If you’re sending a Bank of America wire payment internationally, it’s good to know that there may also be additional fees which are paid to third parties involved in processing the transfer.

These charges are usually a result of transfers being processed via the SWIFT network, and go to intermediary banks which are required along the way. One problem with this is that the full cost of your transfer may not be known before you confirm and initiate the payment – that can mean your recipient gets less than you were expecting in the end.

Alternatives to Bank of America wire transfer

Modern online alternative providers like Wise and OFX could provide better exchange rates and lower fees when you’re sending a payment overseas. Here are a few to consider:

Wise: Low cost international transfers which use the mid market rate, to 80+ countries. Over 50% of payments arrive instantly, and you can set up an account online or in the Wise app easily without leaving home. To learn more about Wise, read our full Wise review.

OFX: Currency specialist offering personal and business payments to 50+ countries, plus currency risk management services, and a 24/7 phone support team to answer your questions. Read our OFX Review to learn more.

Western Union: One of the world’s largest payment providers, you can send payments with Western Union for delivery to bank accounts, as well as for cash collection, to mobile wallets and more.

Here’s a summary of Bank of America’s fees compared to a couple of online payment specialists – Wise and OFX:

ProviderDomestic US transfer feeInternational transfer feeInternational transfer exchange rate
Bank of America International Wire Transfer30 USDNo upfront fee for payments sent in foreign currencies

45 USD charge for payments sent in dollars

Exchange rates can include markups, profits, fees, costs and charges
Wise4.23 USD for wire transfer

0.2% variable fee + 0.71 USD for ACH payment

Low fees, varied by destinationMid-market exchange rate
OFXNot availableLow fees, varied by destinationExchange rates include a markup

Ultimately the amount you pay for an international transfer will vary based on where you’re sending your payment to. However, the chances are that a specialist provider will offer a better rate and lower overall cost compared to your bank – you may also get a better deal on domestic payment by using a provider like Wise, too. Compare a few to see which provides the best mix of cost and convenience for your needs.

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How Long Does a Bank of America Wire Transfer Take?

Domestic wire payments can settle quickly, while Bank of America international wires are likely to take a few days to arrive in the recipient account. Ultimately the amount of time it takes for your payment to arrive will depend on factors like the currency and country involved, the value of the transfer, and the recipient bank’s processes. Bank of America also designates some countries as ‘slow to pay’ which means there’s a higher likelihood of your transfer being delayed to these destinations.

In many cases, a specialist service – which cuts out the SWIFT network – can mean a faster payment. Providers like Wise and OFX can often get your money moving faster than a regular bank – with transfers even arriving instantly on some popular routes.

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Receiving money into a Bank of America account

To receive a payment into your Bank of America account you’ll need to give the sender:

  • Your name as shown on your bank account
  • Your full bank account number
  • Wire routing number (ABA)

If your payment is coming from overseas there may be more detail required including the Bank of America SWIFT code – that’s covered next.

When you receive a payment to your account there may be a fee to pay, which depends on the payment type and the account you hold with Bank of America. Some accounts, including some Bank of America Advantage accounts and Preferred Rewards customers may not need to pay a fee for an incoming domestic wire transfer. A fee of around 15 USD applies for most other accounts – check your online banking for full details.

If the payment is coming from overseas the fees are only waived for some Preferred Rewards customers. Other account holders will pay a fee, which can be found in your specific account terms and conditions.

Receiving International Wire Transfers

To receive an international wire transfer to your Bank of America account you’ll need to give the sender your account information as set out above, as well as the SWIFT code for your transaction type.

  • For incoming wires in USD, use SWIFT code BOFAUS3N
  • For incoming wires in all other currencies, use SWIFT code BOFAUS6S

You may also need to give Bank of America’s address. For USD payments the address to use is:

  • Bank of America, NA, 222 Broadway, New York, New York 10038

And for incoming payments in foreign currency you’ll need to use this address:

  • Bank of America, NA, 555 California St, San Francisco, CA 94104

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Bank of America does have a couple of handy ways to send domestic and international wires, depending on whether you prefer to bank online or in person. However, the fees are high for many account types. If you’re sending an international wire with Bank of America you may be offered a transfer with no upfront fee – but this really means that the costs are all added into the exchange rate, which still pushes up the overall price, and makes the entire process less transparent.

As an alternative if you’re sending money overseas, take a look at specialists like Wise and OFX, to see if they can help you move your money faster and for a lower fee. You may also find there are other handy services, like the multi-currency Wise Account which allows you to receive incoming payments from 30+ countries with no fee.

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Bank of America Wire Transfer FAQ

What is the maximum amount you can wire with Bank of America?

For personal accounts, Bank of America has a 1,000 USD standard upper limit. If you need to send more than this you’ll need to visit a branch to understand your options.

What information do you need to make an international wire transfer with Bank of America?

To send your Bank of America international wire you’ll usually need:

  • Account holder’s name
  • Account holder’s bank name and bank account number
  • Recipient bank’s SWIFT/BIC code

How much is a wire transfer with Bank of America?

Fees may vary depending on the account type you have. Standard domestic wires cost 30 USD, while international transfers sent in a foreign currency have no transfer fee, but do have charges rolled up in the exchange rate used to switch USD to the currency you need.

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