Venmo International Transfer and Alternatives [2024]

While Venmo is a handy and super popular way to send and receive quick payments to others in the US, it’s not available internationally. You can’t get an account if you’re not in the US, you can’t send money overseas, and if you have an account already you won’t be able to access it when you travel internationally.

So what are your options? Venmo suggests you may choose to use its parent company, PayPal, if you need to send a payment overseas or access transfer services when you’re outside of the US. PayPal is certainly one option – but it’s not the only provider out there. This guide explores popular alternatives, including PayPal, so you can find the right service for your payment, based on fees, rates, convenience and speed.

As alternatives, we’ll explore:

  • Wisemid-market exchange rate and speedy transfers to 160+ countries
  • OFX – if you want low fees and a personal service 24/7 over the phone
  • WorldRemit – which offers cash pickups via a huge agent network
  • PayPal – Venmo’s parent company, with global payments to and from PayPal accounts all over the world
  • Remitly – one off transfers to over 170 countries and 100+ currencies

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Does Venmo work internationally?

Venmo does not work internationally. To open a Venmo account in the first place, you’ll need to be physically located in the US, with a USD bank account and local US phone number. Once you have your account set up you can only Venmo money to other account holders in the US – international transfers are not supported.

It may be helpful to know that even if you’re usually based in the US and have left for travel, you may struggle to use Venmo while you’re away. You’re likely to be faced by an error message if you try to log into Venmo, and won’t be able to access services again until you land back on US soil.

Can you send money internationally with Venmo?

No. Venmo can’t be used for international transfers, only for domestic payments within the US, being sent in US dollars.

How does Venmo work?

Venmo is a cash-free way of sending and receiving money, acting as a middleman between friends, family and businesses and works on both iOS and Android. The app can be used in two main ways to pay for goods and services without physical money and to transfer money between individuals. The app receives funds from users and transfers them to the intended recipients, depositing them into their Venmo balance. Venmo also partners with Synchrony Bank to offer users their very own Venmo Credit Card or you can get a Venmo Mastercard Debit Card which also connects directly to your Venmo balance which is issued by Bancorp Bank.

With Venmo you can:

  • Make purchases anywhere in the U.S.
  • Split the dinner tab with friends
  • Pay for a portion of a taxi ride you share with coworkers
  • Use an in-store QR code to make a purchase
  • Pay for purchases through apps and websites 
  • Create a direct deposit for your monthly paycheck to go straight into your account

Comparing Venmo Alternatives on International Transfers

Venmo isn’t an option for international payments. But there are plenty of other providers out there which are just as convenient and intuitive to use, and which do allow you to make payments overseas, or when you’re traveling.

To find the perfect provider for you we’ll compare 5 alternatives to Venmo – Wise, OFX, WorldRemit, PayPal and Remitly. Here is an overview of these alternatives, with the services they provide and their international transfers:

Wise – Offering international transfers to 160+ countries, Wise stands out for using the mid-market exchange rate, alongside low and transparent fees. Providing both personal and business services, users can benefit from multi-currency accounts and quick transfers, with over half arriving instantly. 

OFX – Providing 24/7 phone service for international transfers in 50+ currencies, OFX has no transfer fees for transactions over $10,000. With services for both personal and business clients, they’re known for their competitive rates; however, they include a markup on their exchange rates.

WorldRemit – WorldRemit is great for those who are after a wide range of payout options. The provider transfers payments to over 130 countries and includes payment options such as bank deposits, cash collections, and mobile money. Transfers can be instant depending on the chosen payment method, but their exchange rates include a markup.

PayPal – One of the most famous providers within the industry, PayPal offers wide global coverage, allowing users to instantly transfer payments funded by card or their PayPal balance. While PayPal provides convenience, allowing their customers to send money via email or phone number, customers need to have a PayPal account and could be faced with potential high fees. 

Remitly – Founded in 2011, Remitly is known for supporting immigrant communities around the world, and is an excellent option for those who need to send money to a wide range of countries. However, their exchange rates include a markup and higher fees may apply depending on payment destination.

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Now let’s look at an overview of their speed, transparency, ease of use and price when transferring money abroad. Later we’ll dive into more detail to help you decide which might suit your specific needs best.

Fees & Exchange RatesLow transfer fees and the mid-market exchange rateNo transfer fee, exchange rates include a small markupFees vary by destination and payment type, exchange rates include a markup5% transfer fee (0.99 USD – 4.99 USD) + 4% currency conversion feeFees vary by destination and the delivery option selected. Exchange rates include a markup
Transfer Speed50% of payments are instant*

90%+ of payments arrive in 24 hours

Most payments arrive in 1 – 2 daysCash collection and mobile money payments may be instant

Deposits to bank accounts may be instant or take a day or 2 to arrive

Payments are deposited instantly to PayPal accounts – it may take a day or two to withdraw to a bank account after thisExpress delivery can be immediate, Economy payments take 3-5 business days
Countries you can send money to160+ countries, 50+ currencies170 countries, 50+ currencies130+ countriesGlobal coverage170+ countries and 100+ currencies
Transfer limitsLimits vary by country, but are typically set at the equivalent of 1 million GBPOften no upper limit appliesLimits vary by country10,000 USD – 60,000 USD for verified accountsYou can send up to $2,999 daily, $10,000 monthly, or $18,000 over a 6-month period
ConvenienceSend payments online or in app

Support available in app and online

Multi-lingual support available

Send payments by phone, online or in app

Support available by phone, in app and online

Support primarily available in English

Send payments online or in app

Support available in app and online, plus phone support if you have a transfer already in progress

Multi-lingual support available

Send payments online or in app

Support available in app and online. Phone support may be available if you have an account registered

Multi-lingual support available

Send payments online or in app

24/7 support available in-app and online and via phone

Provides services in fifteen languages

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Which Venmo alternative is best for you will depend on the payment you need to make. If you want a low cost, fast transfer to a bank account, for example, Wise may be a good bet – while WorldRemit may be your top pick if you need to send a payment for cash collection. Each provider has its own advantages – here’s why each of these best international money transfer apps may be a great option for you:

  • Wise – often one of the lowest cost providers for payments to bank accounts, you can generate a quote online with no need to register an account, to compare costs
  • OFX – good pick if you’re not sure about how to set up your payment and want a personal service over the phone
  • WorldRemit – perfect if you need to get money fast to someone without access to a bank account, with payments to mobile money accounts and for cash pickup
  • PayPal – offers great global reach, and instant deposits to other PayPal users around the world

Keep reading to learn more about each of our Venmo alternatives.

Wise – mid-market exchange rate with low, transparent fees

Wise is a specialist in international transfers and multi-currency accounts for personal and business customers. Set up in 2011, Wise now has 13+ million users, and often tops comparison charts as one of the lowest cost options for currency conversion and cross border payments.

  • All currency conversion uses the mid-market exchange rate with low, transparent fees for payments
  • Multi-currency accounts and cards available for customers to hold and exchange 40+ currencies
  • Send payments to 160+ countries, in 40+ currencies, or open a Wise Account to get paid like a local from 30+ countries and spend with a linked Wise card in 160+ countries
  • Fast transfers – 50%+ arrive instantly

Wise international transfer fees

Wise international transfers have two transparent costs. These include a fixed fee and a variable fee. The fixed fee covers the fixed costs that are associated with the transaction, which is usually 4.15 USD – 4.31 USD when paying via wire transfer. The variable fee covers the cost of the actual currency exchange and is usually around 0.43% of the transfer value. Learn more about Wise international transfer fees.

Wise exchange rates

Most banks and money transfer services usually add a markup onto the exchange rate, making it hard to see what you’re really paying for your transfer. This exchange rate markup can make a big difference when it comes to the total cost of your international payment, often around 3%. This pushes the cost of your transfer up significantly, especially if you want to make a high value payment. 

Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate and always clearly shows the conversion fee and the exchange rate for transparency, allowing you to compare against other providers and see if you’re getting a good deal. You can check exchange rates from here: Wise exchange rate

Pros and Cons of Using Wise

Wise ProsWise Cons
Low fees and the mid-market exchange rate

Personal and business services available

Send to 160+ countries and receive money conveniently with local transfers from 30+ countries

Fees vary based on destination country

Multi-currency accounts are not interest bearing

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OFX – 50+ currencies with no transfer fees and good exchange rates

OFX has offices in 8 global locations, which allows it to offer a 24/7 phone service to customers around the world. OFX personal customers can make international transfers in 50+ currencies, and access currency risk management products too. Business customers can do all this, plus open multi-currency accounts to hold, send and receive payments easily.

  • 24/7 personal phone service, plus a range of currency risk management tools and products
  • One off and recurring international transfers to a huge range of countries, in 50+ currencies
  • Personal and business services, including multi-currency accounts aimed at businesses and online sellers
  • Known for great service, no transfer fee, and bank beating exchange rates

OFX international transfer fees

OFX charges a $15 transfer fee in some countries for transactions that are under $10,000. Any transactions that are over that amount are free with no fee, and the amount you send will arrive without any deductions. 

OFX exchange rates

OFX adds a markup to the mid-market exchange rate to make its money. Their currency converter tool, while including the mid-market exchange rate, doesn’t show how much will be deducted as a markup and customers are required to open an account with them and log in for OFX customer rates to know how much money will be exchanged. You can check exchange rates from here: OFX exchange rate

Pros and Cons of Using OFX

OFX ProsOFX Cons
Personal phone service if you need help and advice, plus no upfront transfer fee

Send payments in 50+ currencies and get more complex currency products like limit orders

Good range of business services

Exchange rates include a markup

Payments may take a day or two to arrive, depending on destination

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WorldRemit – Wide range of payout options to 130+ countries with low fees

Send a WorldRemit payment to a bank account, for cash collection, to a mobile money account or as an airtime top up. You can make payments to 130+ countries, on popular remittance routes, which can be particularly helpful for people looking to get money home quickly when working overseas.

  • Great range of pay out options including cash collection
  • Transfers can be instant, depending on payment method
  • Pay by bank deposit, credit or debit card
  • Frequent promotions and new customer offers which can bring down the cost

WorldRemit international transfer fees

WorldRemit’s transfer fees vary by destination with a service fee being added to the transfer amount. The exact value of the fee depends on specific details of the transaction. 

WorldRemit exchange rates

Exchange rates include a markup on the mid-market rate, meaning that the rate you see may be higher than the actual mid-market rate. The current WorldRemit USD to GBP exchange rate is 1 USD = 0.7837 GBP. (As of 18th September 2023).

Pros and Cons of Using WorldRemit

WorldRemit ProsWorldRemit Cons
Great range of pay out options and 130+ countries covered

Set up payments online or in the app for convenience

Low fees, which are displayed when you model your payment online

Not all services are available in all destination countries

Exchange rates include a markup

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PayPal – Huge global reach to nearly every single country with instant payments and a wide range of currencies

PayPal is the parent company of Venmo, and a huge global giant in electronic payments. As so many people all around the world already have a PayPal account this may be a fast and easy option for your transfer, although your payment will land in your recipient’s PayPal account rather than their bank account.

  • Popular and secure option with a broad range of services
  • Paypal international transfers can be deposited instantly if you pay with card or PayPal balance
  • Huge global coverage with millions of users
  • Pay with just an email address – no need to get bank details

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PayPal international transfer fees

PayPal has two fee structures for each of their international money transfer payment methods. If you want to send money to another PayPal account, the provider charges 5% of the transaction and has a minimum fee of $0.99 and maximum fee of $4.99. However, if the transfer is funded by a credit or debit card or PayPal credit, then a funding fee of 2.9% plus a fixed fee based on the currency used also applies. More info: PayPal international transfer fees

PayPal exchange rates

To set its pay rate, PayPal receives a wholesale rate quote twice a day from their bank, to which PayPal adds a percentage fee. This helps them calculate the retail foreign exchange rate (the wholesale cost of foreign currency as denominated by an outside financial institution), plus a conversion service charge of 4.5% to apply to currency conversions.

You can compare PayPal’s exchange rate to other providers from here: PayPal exchange rates

Pros and Cons of Using PayPal

PayPal ProsPayPal Cons
Huge global reach covering pretty much every country on earth

Instant payments to PayPal accounts in a good range of currencies

Send payments with just the recipient’s email or phone number for convenience

Fees can be high, at 5% + 4% currency conversion costs

Money is deposited into a PayPal account – extra fees may apply to withdraw the funds to a bank

Alternatives to PayPal

Remitly – transfers to over 170 countries and 100+ currencies

Founded in 2011, Remitly supports immigrant communities around the world. Send payments via bank account and debit and credit card and receive via bank account, cash collection and home delivery to over 170 countries and across 100+ currencies with no hidden fees. 

  • Services are accessible online and via apps, as well as over the phone
  • One-off transfers to over 170 countries and 100+ currencies
  • Provides direct payments to bank accounts as well as cash collection or home delivery

Remitly international transfer fees

Remitly’s fees vary based on the destination and are also influenced by the chosen delivery method. 

Remitly exchange rates

Remitly adds a mark-up fee to the rate used for transferring money abroad ranging from 0.5% to 2% and doesn’t use the mid-market rate. The easiest way to find the Remitly exchange rate is usually on their website, but you might need to create an account first to understand the exchange rates and fees that will apply to your transfer. You can check exchange rates from here: Remitly exchange rates

Pros and Cons of Using Remitly

Remitly ProsRemitly Cons
Send to a wide range of countries and currencies

Choose between a faster Express transfer or a cheaper Economy option

Multiple payout options

Exchange rates include a markup

Higher fees may apply due to payment destination and delivery method

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Conclusion: Is Venmo international?

Venmo is a great way to split a bill with friends or share the costs of a cab – but if you need to make a payment in a foreign currency, or if you’re not physically in the US you’ll need an alternative. The good news is that there are lots of other providers out there which are as easy to use as Venmo, and which cover a good range of countries and currencies.

Ultimately the best Venmo alternative for you will depend on the specific transfer you want to make. We’ve picked out some great contenders, like Wise for low cost international payments with the mid-market exchange rate, and WorldRemit if you want the money to be collected in cash. Use this guide to kickstart your research and make sure you get the best provider for your payment.

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Venmo International Transfer FAQs

Can you Venmo someone in another country?

No. You can not make a Venmo payment to anyone based outside of the US, or send a payment in any currency other than USD. But you can use alternatives like Wise, OFX and WorldRemit to make international payments.

Can you use Venmo internationally?

You can not use Venmo internationally. To set up a Venmo account you must be in the US with a local bank account and phone. If you have a Venmo account and try to access it abroad you’ll likely hit an error message and be unable to make payments. Consider other alternatives that provide international money transfers, such as Wise and OFX.

Does Venmo convert currency?

Venmo does not convert currency. Payments can be made in USD only, and you’ll need a local US bank account to set up a Venmo account.

Does Venmo work in Europe?

Venmo does not work in Europe. At the moment it’s only available to people based in the US, with a local US phone and bank account.

What currency does Venmo support?

Venmo currently only supports USD. If you need to transfer in other currencies, check out other providers such as Wise and Remitly.

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