Wise Promo Code [2024 ACTIVE]

Wise international transfers can often offer market beating exchange rates, with fast delivery times and low, transparent fees. Want something even better? Check out this exclusive Wise coupon code for Exiap readers, to save even more as a new Wise customer.

Click here to activate your Wise free transfer.

Wise promo code [2024]

You don’t need to enter a separate code to benefit from this exclusive Wise offer – simply click our Wise link and automatically get discounted transfers. That means you start to save right away.

The Exiap Wise offer is available to new customers in the US. The total amount you can send is calculated based on the equivalent of 2,000 GBP in your home currency. Exchange rates change all the time, but that could be around 2,500 USD.

Use this offer to make one transfer up to the offer amount, and send USD to currencies of your choice. Here’s an example of how it works:

Payment value: With the Exiap Wise promo offer:
200 GBP (∼250 USD) No fees apply – you can send this transfer for free
1,000 GBP (∼1,250 USD) No fees apply – you can send this transfer for free
5,000 GBP (∼6,200 USD)  No fees apply on the first 2,000 GBP (∼2,500 USD) – Wise’s low transfer fees  will apply on the remaining 3,000 GBP (∼3,700 USD)

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Wise free transfer eligibility

The Wise promo code is only available for new customers only. It’s intended for making cross currency transfers –  you can’t use this Exiap Wise offer if you’re converting between currencies in your Wise account balance.

To find out more about Wise and its services, read our Wise review:

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Is it a good deal?

You can rest assured that the Wise promo code is a good deal.

Wise is regularly one of, if not the, cheapest provider when we run international transfer comparisons. So with this deal, you’ll get Wise’s great exchange rate as well as a discount on their service which is already low-cost – and market beating for many transfers.

No doubt you’ll see other providers claiming to offer fee free international transfers. However, in most cases this just means that there’s no upfront fee, but the provider simply hides its costs and charges in the exchange rate used. Because Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate that won’t happen. This is a genuine free transfer, for new Wise users.

How to use the Wise promo code

Here’s how to use the Wise coupon code in just a few clicks:

Click here to activate your Wise free transfer provided to be directed to the Wise homepage. The exclusive Exiap discount has already been applied for you. It’s that simple – just get started on your transfer to start to save.

Step 2: create a Wise account

Click Register on the top right of the Wise homepage, or Get started underneath the transfer calculator, to register your Wise account.

All you need to do is enter your email address and country of residence, and create your secure password.

Step 3: use your free transfer

Select the currency you’re sending to from the drop down menu, and enter the amount you want to send. You’ll instantly see the exchange rate and how much your recipient will receive.

The Exiap Wise transfer discount will have automatically been applied in the fee section of the calculator when you create your payment.

Learn more about Wise transfers: Wise money transfer review

Conclusion: Wise new customer offer

The Wise Exiap promo code lets new Wise customers access a genuinely free transfer. Because all Wise transfers use the mid-market exchange rate without any markups you’ll know that there are no hidden fees and no gimmicks – just a fast and secure international payment for free.

Just click the Wise discount code link provided to make a free transfer up to the value of 2,000 GBP (∼2,500 USD).

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Wise discount code FAQs

Does Wise have a promo code?

As an Exiap reader you can get an exclusive offer for a fee free transfer up to the value of 2,000 GBP (∼2,500 USD).

Am I eligible for a Wise free transfer?

The Exiap Wise promotion is open to new Wise customers sending money to a bank account held in a different currency. Pay an individual or business, with one transfers to the value of 2,000 GBP (∼2,500 USD) fee free.

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