Opening a bank account: Guides

Having cheap and convenient ways to manage your money with a bank account or an account from a reputable digital provider is essential. If you’re looking to compare different provider accounts, intrigued by what banks in the US or abroad might offer you, or simply want to know if there’s a better bank out there that the one you currently use, we have the guide for you.

Learn more about how to open a bank account in the US or globally, and check out all our reviews for banks and providers, right here.

How to open a bank account in another country

If you’ve recently relocated, or if you’re a frequent traveler, you might need to open a bank account overseas to make it easier to manage your finances and access local services. Having a bank account in a foreign country can help you send and receive foreign currency payments, and also keep down costs by cutting out unnecessary conversion fees and foreign transaction charges.

Opening a bank account in another country can be a bit daunting as each country and provider has their own requirements and processes. Make it easier with our handy guides to opening a bank account abroad, which we’ve split out by country so you can easily find exactly what you need.

Looking for more resources? If you’re a non-resident foreigner opening a bank account in the US, this guide might help: How to Open a Bank Account in the US 🇺🇸 as a Non-Resident. Plus you can get prepared for opening your account by checking out the documents and information required to open a bank account, in this full review: What you need to open a bank account

For frequent travelers, digital nomads or expats, opening an international bank account in the US might be a good idea. Check out these great guides:

Finally, no matter which account you select, you don’t want to get caught out by unnecessary or excessive fees. Different account types take their own approaches to charging customers, so reading the small print can help you save money. Or pick a low cost account which lets you transact for less overall. Here is a guide that might help: Best no-fee bank accounts in the US

Foreign currency accounts in the US

If you’re in the US but need to send and receive foreign currency payments – or you’re looking to invest or save in a foreign currency to diversify your portfolio – you’ll need a foreign currency account.

Picking the right foreign currency account for your needs is crucial to make sure you can transact easily and avoid unnecessary fees. Here are some guides to help you get started.

Foreign currency accounts in the US tend to have their own focus customer – whether that’s for people who need to pay overseas bills, people who need to spend internationally with a debit card, or investors. These guides can help you compare your options. Plus you can read more about the best foreign currency accounts in the US in this full guide.

Opening an online account

Opening a bank account online can be very easy and convenient. Depending on your location and personal circumstances, you might be able to open an account online with a bank, or you might find you’re better off with a specialist provider which can offer flexible account services, often through an app. Here are some guides that might help

How to open a business account in another country

As soon as you need to transact on behalf of your business, you need a business account. But what about when you trade in foreign currencies and countries? Opening a business account abroad might be your low cost, low fuss answer. Learn all about opening a business account abroad in these complete guides:

Looking for a business account in the US? This guide might help: How to open a business account in the US. Or if you’re specifically interested in opening the account online this guide could be exactly what you need: How to open a business account online.

Not quite sure what you want – aside from a great deal for your growing company? We also have this comprehensive guide covering the pros, cons and a comparison of different business accounts: Best online business accounts.

Business account reviews

You can open a business account with a bank or a non-bank alternative. Each bank or provider will have business accounts with their own unique features and associated costs.

To help you compare the market we have detailed reviews of popular business accounts based on their services, fees and more. Read any of these great guides to learn more and find the best provider for your business:

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