Revolut travel card review: Rates, fees & limits [2024]

The Revolut travel card is a multi-currency card you can use for convenient spending and withdrawals in the US and when you’re abroad.

This guide walks through everything you need to know about how the Revolut travel card works, its key features and benefits, and the fees associated with using it. We’ll also touch on some alternatives to use abroad, such as the Wise travel card, as a comparison.

Revolut travel card: key features

Revolut offers 3 different account plans

  • The Standard plan has no monthly fee to pay, while the Premium and Metal account plans have monthly costs, but also include more features and higher no-fee transaction limits.
  • All accounts come with a travel card for spending and withdrawals, but the exact card type you get will depend on the account tier you choose. With the highest tier of account you get an exclusive solid steel Metal card, while all account types can also opt for a personalized card.
  • Virtual cards are also available on all account plans, which can be used for mobile and online spending, and added to a walleye like Apple Pay.

We’ll walk through the Revolut travel card in detail throughout this guide, including how it works at home and abroad.

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Here are a few pros and cons of the Revolut travel card to kickstart our full review:

✅ Hold and exchange around 25 currencies

✅ No fees applied when you are spending from to any currency you hold in your Revolut account

✅ Some no fee out of network ATM withdrawals monthly

✅ No-fees applied to local in network withdrawals at 55,000 ATMs

✅ All account plans have some currency exchange which uses the mid-market exchange rate

❌ Monthly fees apply for Premium and Metal account plans

❌ Some transaction fees apply once plan limits are exhausted

❌ Fees apply for out of hours currency exchange

The Revolut travel card offers an easy and flexible way to hold, spend and exchange multiple currencies, with just your card and your phone. You’ll be able to choose the plan that suits your specific needs and transaction requirements, including some with no monthly costs associated. Once you’ve opened a verified account you can order your physical card in the Revolut app, and start spending right away online or using a mobile wallet, with your virtual card.

Who is the Revolut travel card for?

The Revolut travel card can suit frequent travelers as well as anyone living, studying or working abroad. You may want to get a Revolut travel card if:

  • You’re a traveler spending in foreign currencies often
  • You love to shop online at home and abroad
  • You want a virtual card for security
  • You’d prefer to manage your money using just your phone

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What is a Revolut travel card?

The Revolut travel card is a payment card linked to a Revolut digital account. There are several different Revolut cards which are issued with different Revolut account plans – all are debit cards, and all can be used for global spending and cash withdrawals.

If you are looking for more information about Revolut: Revolut review

Is the Revolut Travel card a multi-currency card?

Yes. You can hold around 25 currencies in the Revolut account and spend conveniently in multiple currencies around the world.

Compare the Revolut travel money card to alternative options like the Wise travel money card, to see which suits you best. More on that, next.

Alternatives to Revolut travel card

Non-bank providers like Revolut can be a cost effective way to spend at home and abroad. They’ve often got fairly low fees, and tend to be innovative, offering some helpful and unusual account features to suit different customer needs.

Here’s a quick look at how Revolut lines up on features and fees against a couple of other non-bank services from Wise and Chime.

Revolut CardWise CardChime Card
Customers in a selection of countries and regions including the US, UK, EEA and Australia

Available in most countries around the world, including US, UK, EEA and Australia.
Chime prepaid card
Available for US customers
Card order feeFirst card on all accounts is without a card fee9 USDNo fee
Monthly or annual feesStandard: No fee

Premium: 9.99 USD/month

Metal: 16.99 USD/month

No monthly or annual feeNo fee
Multi-Currency Account25+ currencies supported40+ currencies supported, including USDUSD only
International ATM withdrawalsStandard: 400 USD/month no-fee, 2% after that

Premium: 800 USD/month fee no-fee, 2% after that

Metal: 1,200 USD/month fee no-fee, 2% after that

2 withdrawals to the value of 100 USD/month free, 2% + 1.5 USD after that2.5 USD per withdrawal
Exchange ratesMid-market rate to plan limits, 0.5% fair usage fee after that

Out of hours fees of 1% may apply

Mid-market rate with low conversion fees from 0.43%No foreign transaction fee, network fees apply for card spending
Foreign transaction feesNo foreign transaction feeNo foreign transaction feeNo foreign transaction fee
Business AccountsAvailableAvailableNot available

*Information correct at time of writing, 13th October 2023

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Wise travel card

Hold 40+ currencies and spend in 150+ countries, with mid-market rate currency conversion, no minimum balance and no monthly fees. You can open your Wise account online and order a card for home delivery. Use your card to spend and make cash withdrawals globally, and get instant in-app notifications to keep on top of your finances.

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Learn more: Wise card review

Chime debit cardChime prepaid card

Chime accounts have no monthly fees and no minimum balance. In fact there are very few fees to worry about at all. You can only hold USD in your Chime account, but you’ll still be able to use your card around the world to spend in any currency. Your overseas spending will be converted back to USD using the network exchange rate with no foreign transaction fee.

Revolut travel card fees & spending limits

As with any travel card, there are some fees involved in using the Revolut travel card. There are also a few limits applied to keep customers and their accounts safe. Here’s a rundown of the limits for the Revolut travel card:

ServiceRevolut travel card limit
ATM withdrawal550 USD/day and 1,050 USD/week for accounts opened in the last 120 days

1,050 USD/day and 1,750 USD/week for accounts open from more than 120 days

Card purchaseTo the maximum amount held in your account
ACH and peer to peer transfersTo the maximum amount held in your account
Instant card transfers5,000 USD/day and 15,000 USD/week

*Details correct at the time of research – 13th October 2023

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Here are the Revolut travel card fees you’ll need to be familiar with:

ServiceRevolut travel card fee
Monthly feeStandard: No fee

Premium: 9.99 USD/month

Metal: 16.99 USD/month

First card issued to your accountNo-fee for all plan types
Early downgrade or cancellation feeStandard: No fee

Premium: Up to 20 USD if canceled or downgraded within 10 months

Metal: 55 USD if canceled or downgraded within 10 days, 30 USD if canceled or downgraded within 10 months

Expedited deliveryStandard: 16.99 USD

Premium: No fee

Metal: No fee

Replacement cardsStandard: 5 USD

Premium: 30 USD

Metal: up to 70 USD

Virtual cardsNo-fee for all plan types
In network ATM withdrawalNo-fee for all plan types
ATM withdrawal (out of network)Standard: 400 USD/month no-fee, 2% after that

Premium: 800 USD/month no-fee, 2% after that

Metal: 1,200 USD/month no-fee, 2% after that

*Details correct at the time of research – 13th October 2023

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Exchange rates

All Revolut accounts have some currency exchange every month which uses the mid-market exchange rate. Standard plan holders can convert up to 1,000 USD a month, Premium plan holders can get 10,000 USD a month and Metal plan holders have unlimited conversion with the mid-market rate.

It’s important to note that out of hours conversion fees apply, which means you pay 1% extra when exchanging currencies at the weekend or overnight. If your plan has a limited amount of mid-market rate conversion, you’ll be charged a 0.5% fair usage fee once this is exceeded.

How to get Revolut travel card

To order your Revolut travel card you’ll need to have an active Revolut account. Download the Revolut app, and you can get your new account in just a few taps, by entering your personal information and getting verified.

Once you’ve got your Revolut account set up all you need to do is open the Revolut app and go to the ‘Cards’ tab. Here you’ll see the option to get a physical or virtual card, and to create a card PIN.

What documents you’ll need

To verify your Revolut account you’ll need to upload a selfie and a photo of one of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Driving license

If you don’t have these documents available, you can reach out to Revolut to understand which other documents may be used in your specific situation.

What happens when the card expires?

Revolut will contact you 28 days before your card is due to expire, so you can order a new one in good time. Standard shipping has no fee when getting a new card to replace an expiring Revolut travel card.

How to use a Revolut travel card?

The Revolut travel card is a debit card issued on either the Visa or Mastercard network. That means you can use it to pay or make a withdrawal anywhere you see the logo of your card’s network being displayed, globally. You’ll also be able to add your card or your virtual card to your preferred mobile wallet for on the go payments.

How to withdraw cash with a Revolut travel card?

To make an ATM withdrawal with a Revolut travel card you’ll need to first find an ATM that supports your card network. You can then just insert the card into the ATM and enter your PIN, then the amount you want to withdraw. Easy.

Is the card safe?

Yes. The Revolut card in the US is issued by Community Federal Savings Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Visa.

How to use the Revolut travel card overseas?

You can spend with your Revolut travel card in about 150 countries, anywhere the card network is accepted. If you hold the currency you need in your account there’s no fee, but an exchange or fair usage fee may apply in some situations – if you’ve exhausted your monthly currency exchange limits, or if you’re exchanging out of hours for example.

If Revolut doesn’t support holding the currency you need, it’s worth checking out Wise which has a broader selection of 40+ currencies for holding and exchange.

Conclusion: is the Revolut travel card worth it?

The Revolut travel card is a flexible option for holding 25+ currencies and spending globally in 150+ countries. Depending on the account tier you select you may pay a monthly fee, and some transaction fees are also likely to apply. Compare the Revolut travel card against some alternatives like the Wise travel card and the Chime debit card to see which suits you best.

The Wise card may suit you if you’re looking for a powerful international account that can hold 40+ currencies, and receive payments in multiple currencies with local bank details. Chime may be a good pick for customers looking for a USD account with pretty much no fees to pay which you can use at home and abroad.

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Revolut travel card review FAQ

How does the Revolut travel card work?

The Revolut travel card is linked to a digital account you can hold about 25 currencies in. Add money to your account in USD and then you can start spending and making withdrawals globally.

Is the Revolut travel card an international card?

Yes. The Revolut travel card supports spending in about 150 countries, and you can hold 25+ currencies in your account.

Are there any alternatives to a Revolut travel card?

Other non-bank providers like Wise and Chime also offer spending cards which have their own features and fees. It’s worth comparing these against the Revolut travel card to see which suits you best.

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