Xe Review [2024]: International transfer fees, exchange rates and speed

Xe is a popular provider which offers data on exchange rates and rate tracking tools, as well as money transfers. You can send money to 130+ countries from the US with Xe Money Transfer, and some options don’t have any up front fee to pay.

This guide takes a look at how Xe Money Transfer works, including fees, whether it’s safe to use, how fast it is, how to get set up, and more

Xe is good for

  • Money transfers to 130+ countries from the US
  • No transfer fees when you pay by bank transfer
  • Their handy currency converter and calculator
  • Multilingual customer support using the app, in 100 languages

Xe Money Transfer: Key points

Key features:

  • Send money from the US to 130+ countries
  • Digital payments online and in-app
  • Payments funded by bank or wire must be valued at 3,000 USD or more
  • No fee to pay for your transfer if you pay by bank or wire transfer
  • Upper payment limit of 535,000 USD
  • US based customer support teams
  • Registered in the US as a money transmitter and safe to use

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Key stats:

Established in: 1993

Send money to: 130+ countries from the US, 139 currencies covered in total by Xe

Volume of transfers: 115 USD annually

Website visits: 275 million+ annually

Xe Money Transfer prosXe Money Transfer cons
✅No fee payment options
✅Good range of 130+ supported countries
✅Digital payments online and in the Xe app✅ Safe and established provider
❌ Exchange rates include a markup
❌ No options for cash pay in or pay out
❌Transfer fees apply when you pay by card

Overall: Xe Money Transfer is a safe and reliable payment provider which lets individuals and businesses send money to 130+ countries from the US. The final costs for your payment vary based on how you pay and where you’re sending money to – but there are often options to pay no upfront transfer fee by using a bank transfer or wire to get your money to Xe. Paying with a card usually means you pay a fee – but your transfer will arrive quicker, making it an option if speed is more important than cost.

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What is Xe?

Xe Money Transfer has an impressive track record as an international money transfer specialist. It’s part of the Euronet Worldwide group, which also includes HiFX and Ria. Xe has been in business for close to 30 years and is a trusted source of exchange rate information, widely used by businesses, banks and financial institutions to understand the market rate, as well as offering international payments for individuals and companies.

Xe international money transfers

You can send money with Xe from the US, to 130+ countries globally. Payments are arranged online or in the Xe app, and you’ll be able to choose between paying with a card or using a bank or wire transfer. You may find card payments come with a fee – but they’re also faster than a bank transfer which can take a few days to arrive. If you want to pay by bank transfer or wire you’ll need to be making a payment of at least 3,000 USD.

Great for: Fast international transfers funded by credit or debit card, or transfers over 3,000 USD paid for by wire which have no transfer fee.

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Xe business services

Xe business customers can send payments to an even broader range of countries and currencies from the US, as well as accessing currency risk management tools and products. Services are split by business size, from startups and entrepreneurs through to major enterprises with more complicated needs.

Great for: Business transfers and currency risk management, for companies of all sizes

Is Xe available in the US?

Yes. You can register an account with Xe in the US, and send money online and in-app to 130+ countries.

How does Xe Money Transfer work?

Before you can use Xe you’ll need to register an account and get verified. Then when you send a payment with Xe it will be deposited into your recipient’s account automatically. You’ll need to give Xe the local bank details for the recipient, and the currency their account is denominated in. Then, you pay in USD with a bank transfer, wire, or card, and your money is on its way. Here are your Xe payment options:

Set up your payment in the Xe app – get a rate quote and arrange your payment end to end with just your phone

Send a payment online – if you’d prefer you can also sort out your overseas payment through the Xe desktop website

Is Xe safe to send money?

Xe Money Transfer is fully regulated in the US and safe to use. They must meet very strict rules and regulations about keeping your money safe. Xe also uses strong encryption and security to keep all of your details and money transfer information private. Another thing: Xe Money Transfer must keep customer funds separate from the money they use to run the business, which gives you more reassurance.

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Learn more: Is Xe money transfer safe?

Can I trust Xe?

Yes. Xe is a registered money transmitter in the US and overseen by all the required regulatory bodies globally. You can trust that Xe is safe to use, with normal precautions and common sense.

Xe Money Transfer pricing

Xe doesn’t have a transfer fee for all of its payments. Exactly what your transfer costs you will depend on where you’re sending to and how you want to pay.

Here’s a roundup of the amount your recipient would get when you send some transfers of different values with Xe. We’ve also compared this with Chase bank to illustrate the differences:

Transfer detailsWith Xe your recipient getsWith Chase your recipient getsResult
Sending 1,000 USD to EUR911.56 EUR888.04 EURYour recipient could get 23.52 EUR extra with Xe
Sending 5,000 USD to EUR4,555. 10 EUR4,484.88 EURYour recipient could get 70.22 EUR extra with Xe
Sending 10,000 USD to EUR9,106.24 EUR8,966. 83 EURYour recipient could get 139.41 EUR extra with Xe

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How much does it cost to send money with Xe?

The costs of an XE Money Transfer vary based on where you’re sending to, the currencies involved, and how you’d like to pay. Fees can include:

  • A payment method fee – this usually applies when using a bank card
  • An exchange rate markup – this is a charge added into the rate offered for currency conversion
  • Third party fees – extra charges from intermediary banks or your card issuer may also apply

Usually, to send a payment worth 3,000 USD or more and pay by bank transfer, there will be no upfront transfer fee. You’ll always see the costs of your transfer shown on screen before you confirm your payment.

Xe exchange rate

Xe doesn’t charge a fee for all of its international money transfers, but there is still a cost to you, in the form of a markup on the exchange rate used to change your USD to the currency you need to deposit. This is common, but can make it a bit trickier to see exactly what you’re paying overall for your overseas payment.

You can compare rates here: Xe exchange rates

How long does XE Money Transfer take?

XE Money Transfers can be pretty quick if you pay by card. However, if you’re using a bank transfer it may take up to 4 days for your money to arrive.

Factors that influence the speed of transfer include:

  • How you pay
  • The currencies you’re moving money between
  • The countries where the money needs to be sent
  • When you’re sending money

Xe will start to convert money and send the payment once your funds have cleared. However, as it can take 1 to 4 working days from then to appear in the overseas bank account, it’s important to plan this transfer speed and bank lag time into your money exchange. Xe will also keep you in the loop about your transfer through SMS and email updates.

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How to use Xe Money Transfer

Xe makes it simple to get an account and start sending money. You can apply for an Xe account through the website, or by downloading the mobile app. You need to create an ID, password, and provide them with your contact information.

How do I send money with Xe?

Once you’ve got an account, you can find out how much it will cost you to send money and book a transfer. Then, you enter the details of the person you’re sending money to, finalize the transfer and send the money to Xe. Easy.

You’ll also need details of the recipient’s bank account. These vary between countries, but typically you’ll need to provide the sort code or routing number and the account number. In some cases, you’ll need to provide a SWIFT code or IBAN (International Bank Account Number).

The details you’ll need when you’re sending money

In full, you’re likely to need the following information to arrange your XE Money Transfer:

  • The amount of money you’re sending
  • The countries you’re sending money from and to
  • The currencies that you’re sending money between
  • The name and address of the person you want to send money
  • The bank account details of the person you want to send money

Xe Money Transfer payment methods

In the US you can usually pay for your XE Money Transfer using the following payment methods:

  • Direct debit ACH
  • Wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • Debit card

Payout methods

Most XE Money Transfers are deposited into bank accounts. However, in some destination countries alternative pay out options may also be offered, such as cash collection. Alternative pay out services aren’t available everywhere, but if you can choose a different pay out option for your destination country you’ll be shown in a drop down box when you set up your transfer.

How to track Xe Money Transfer transfer

Once your payment is on the way, you can track it in the XE Money Transfer app or by logging into your account on the Xe desktop site.

How to create an account

Xe does need some details if you want to create an account and send money internationally.

If you want to create an account and send money overseas, Xe will ask you for your full name, date of birth, residential address, occupation, email, and a contact number. Xe will also need to verify your identity, in most cases they can do that electronically, but they’ll contact you if you need to provide any documents.

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What documents you’ll need

When you want to send money, Xe may ask for a copy of your ID and address documents, which can include things like:

  • Passport
  • Government-issued identity card
  • Photocard driver license
  • Bank or building society statement
  • Utility bill (gas, electric, landline phone, water, satellite/cable TV or broadband)
  • Residence permit
  • Current building/contents insurance certificate, or a
  • Recent tax bill

If you’re opening a business account you can expect to be asked for business registration documents as well.

How long does Xe verification take

If you can have your account verified electronically it should not take very long to be processed at all. However, if you need to send in documents you may need to wait a while. You can ask for help on the Xe app, through the chat service, if you’re unsure what’s happened with your account verification.

Do I need a bank account for Xe?

You’ll need either a bank account that you can use for ACH or wire transfers, or a debit or credit card to pay for your XE Money Transfer.

How to receive money from Xe Money Transfer?

If you’re getting a money transfer to your bank you won’t need to do anything once you’ve given the sender your personal and bank information. Your funds are simply deposited in your bank account and ready to use once the payment has cleared.

If you’re expecting a cash collection transfer you’ll need to head to an agent location with the Xe payment reference, to collect your money.

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How much can I transfer with Xe?

Xe doesn’t have a maximum limit on how much you can transfer. You can send up to 535,000 USD online. If you want to send more than that then you’ll need to give them a call and they will help you send the money overseas.

It’s also worth knowing that you can only pay with a bank transfer if you’re sending 3,000 USD or more.

Supported currencies:

Globally, Xe supports transfers to more or less any country in the world. From the US you can send money to about 130 countries.

Countries where Xe cannot send money

Xe can send money to many countries globally. However, there are some places where it’s not possible to make an XE Money Transfer, usually because of international sanctions. At the time of writing, payments can’t be made to Russia for example. You’ll be able to check the availability of your destination country in the Xe app easily.

Xe Money Transfer accessibility

You can chat to a member of the Xe team in any of 100 languages, by logging into your account online or in the app. Or, you can call the service team 24/7 Money to Thursday, with limited operating on Friday and Sunday. Phone lines close on a Saturday.

Is Xe easy to use on your mobile?

The Xe mobile app is a fast and convenient way to transfer money while you’re on the go. The app lets you check foreign exchange rates for more than 180 currencies, make international money transfers, and even set up alerts so you don’t miss the rate you’ve been waiting for. You can also see when your transfer is pending, when it is sent, and when your transfer is on its way to your recipient.

For ease-of-use, we read through reviews on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. The Xe Money Transfer app scored 4.5 out of 5 on Apple devices and 4.2 out of 5 on Android devices. Reviewers said that the app was simple to use and that it displayed information about exchange rates in a straightforward and understandable way.

TrustPilot XE Money Transfer reviews

Xe scores 4.3 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot, which aggregates live customer review data.

Over 80% of customers give a 5 star review, praising the speed and reliability as well as the costs of using XE Money Transfer. Where there are poor reviews these are often due to verification checks slowing down a payment. While this is frustrating, it’s something all money transfer providers have to do from time to time and required by law to keep customers and their accounts safe.

Xe Customer Care Support

Support channelXe contact information
Phone1 877 932 6640

24 hours, Monday to Thursday

Closed at 5pm Friday

Closed on Saturday

Open from 1pm on Sunday

ChatBy logging into your Xe account

Xe Money Transfer alternatives

If Xe doesn’t cover the currency you need, or if you just want to compare a few options, take a look at these Xe alternatives:

Xe vs Wise Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate and splits out the costs of your payment overseas, which can make it easier to check and compare the costs

Xe vs WorldRemit WorldRemit could be a good choice if you want to send a smaller value payment or if you want your money to be collected in cash, deposited to a mobile money account, or used as airtime topup

Xe vs OFX OFX has 24/7 phone services and can help you send money to bank accounts in 50+ currencies from the US

Xe vs TorFX – TorFX is UK based and offers international transfers and currency risk management services

Xe vs Remitly Remitly has a good selection of digital payment options, and you can usually pick a cheaper transfer which may be a little slower, or a slightly more expensive option that’ll get delivered faster

Xe for Business

Xe.com provides several services in addition to personal and business currency exchanges.

  • The Xe Datafeed that lets developers include the latest exchange rates in accounting systems, custom software, and ecommerce websites.
  • Xe offers a daily email that includes information on currency exchange rates, the latest news, interest rates and more.
  • Business users can get access to Xe services that let them make payments to multiple recipients across multiple countries, and accept international payments through websites and apps.
  • Business users can also manage their currency exchange risks using a variety of tools from Xe, including credit facilities.
  • You can use advanced currency tools like market orders and forward contracts to lock in exchange rates.

Conclusion: Is Xe Money Transfer a good way to transfer money?

Xe Money Transfer is safe and reliable and lets you send payments online or in-app, to 130+ countries from the US. There’s not usually a fee if you’re paying with a bank transfer or wire – although your payment must be of 3,000 USD or more to access this option. Alternatively, use a credit or debit card. Fees apply here but the transfer is usually faster too.

Compare Xe with a few other specialist payment services to see which is cheapest for your specific payment.

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XE Money Transfer review FAQs

Is it safe to transfer money with Xe Money Transfer?

Yes. Xe is a safe money transfer service which is registered and regulated in the US and internationally.

How does Xe Money Transfer apply exchange rates?

Xe makes money from exchange rates. That means that they add a markup to the rate used to convert your dollars to the currency needed for deposit. Compare the rate you’re offered by Xe with a few other providers to make sure you get the best option for your specific needs.

Does Xe Money Transfer have a mobile app?

Yes. Xe has a highly rated app that’s available on Apple and Android phones.

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Seyma is an experienced content writer and editor-in-chief at Exiap, delivering informative articles on personal finance, and money transfers.
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Seyma Mektepli
Seyma is an experienced content writer and editor-in-chief at Exiap, delivering informative articles on personal finance, and money transfers.
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