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US Dollar to Japanese Yen

Wholesale exchange rate updated 9 months ago
1 USD => 109.625 JPY
1 JPY => 0.0091 USD
High: 108.6950
Low: 108.3450
Average: 108.5510

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Where to buy Japanese Yen at a great exchange rate

Buying currency online can often be the best way to get your foreign currency, but it does take a few days. Heading into a money changer in the city is a better option for larger amounts over $5,000 or if you need to get it last minute.

Alternatively, you can take your US dollars with you and convert it overseas.

How to order foreign currency online

Like most things, you can buy Japanese Yen online. It's fairly easy and you can pick it up at the airport, a post office, or a store near you.

Our tips:

  • Pay by BPAY and avoid credit or debit card surcharges
  • Sometimes you can get a better rate if you order over $2,000
  • Check for any promo codes like this to improve your rate


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